Automatic Packing Machine mod. BG65 IM1 with One Channel and One Head to pack Hops in modified atmosphere

✅ We present our automatic packing machine BG65 with one channel and one head to pack hops in modified atmosphere. But our BG65 can be used for many other granular products.

✅ The control of each production phase allows us to customize the machine according to your exigences.

✅ Fast and precise, easy in the cleaning operations.

✅ The modified atmosphere is a technology that during the packing allows to replace the air with a gas mixture that extends the shelf life of the product, especially of those easily perishable.

✅ Supplied with display touch screen to program different settings and visualize the weight of the bags produced.

✅ This data can also be saved in a USB key. The conveyor bring the product into the hopper of the machine and through the vibrating channel it goes into the scale. Once the weight is achieved, the product falls into the bag, formed by the reel, and the gas is injected.Finally we proceed with the sealing.

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