Automatic volumetric dosing packing machine BG37 for flours and powders

✅ Thanks to a pneumatic system the product is sucked from the hopper towards the volumetric doser, quickly and safely, without altering the organoleptic characteristics.

Once the number of laps set is achieved, the screw stops.
The screw gradually turns and the product drops into the bag, formed by the reel.The shaking device has the function of compact better the flour in the bag’s bottom, to allow a perfect sealing.
Through the touch screen you can set different parameters, including the number of laps that the screw of the volumetric doser has to do.
Many optional and customizations are possible, such as a thermo-transfer printer.

Our BG37 is a reliable and versatile machine. Just change the recipe in the display and you pass easily to pack another product. Equipped with a remote diagnosis system.

✅ Possibility of customization according to customer needs.

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