Weighing and packaging machines for ice and several frozen foods

We range from the simplest semi-automatic solutions to the most complete and automated ones. In this video we will take a closer look at the packaging of ice cubes.

It is easy to use and clean with various options such as a washable belt and an insulated electrical system with stainless steel cover and various customisations.
It can also be supplied with the convenient touchscreen display where the various parameters can be set and memorised.

✅ Ideal for all companies that need to weigh a large number of products accurately and quickly with the same machine.
✅ If you then need to professionally sealyour heat sealable bags, our mini sealing machine with printing kit included will take care of it. Let us now take a look at some of our fully automatic packaging machines.
Once weighed, the ice cubes are poured into the freshly formed bag from the reel. It is also available with a date stamp or printer and various other options.
✅ We can weigh and package: frozen grilled vegetables, ravioli, rolls, diced spinach and onions, clams, chips, soup mixes and much more.
✅ In addition to linear scales, we can combine our machines with multi-head weighers that allow even faster and more precise production.

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