Automatic weighing packing machine BG37 IM1 with reduced dimensions (Short pasta packaging)

CIA Packing machines presents BG37 IM1 with reduced dimensions (Short pasta packaging).

✅ The BGEasy Kiss weigher is a very interesting machine, both for the features and the price. Can weighs from few grams up. Ideal for small and medium weights and small ✅ Automatic packing machine BG37 to pack short dried pasta as: fusilli, rigatoni, penne, mini-shell and much more.
Ideal also for legumes, sweets, spices, dried fruits and many other granular products.

✅ Once the product is dosed it is transferred directly into the bag produced by the reel. Simple to be set, fast and precise.
✅ With our BG37 you can use also recyclable film, with a very thin plastic layer. You can separate the two layers of the bag and recycle paper and plastic separately.
✅ The lateral exit belt allow to optimize the space. Through the touch screen you set the weight, the bag’s length and all the parameters. In addition, it’s possible to view the different weights performed.
✅ You just have to change the recipe to pack another product, or with the same product you can have bags of different weights and lengths.

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