Semi-Automatic Weighing Machine BG Easy for Candies and Sweets

CIA Packing machines presents various semi-automatic solutions for weighing and packaging sweets, caramels and many types of products.

✅ The BGEasy Kiss weigher is a very interesting machine, both for the features and the price. Can weighs from few grams up. Ideal for small and medium weights and small batches of products. Simple, fast, reliable.

✅ If you then need to seal your preformed bag we have the Mini Sealing horizontal welding machine with a printing kit included. Seals heat-sealable bags professionally, also with carboard of various types and materials.

✅ Let’s see now the BG Easy Weigher designed and manufactured always by CIA Packing machines in their factory in Vicenza, near Venice. BG Easy weigher is available in various versions: from the standard model to the double channel, with one or two balances.

The double channel facilitates the flow of irregular products and is suitable also to little bigger products like: chocolates, ice candies, licorice wheels, various gums, both individually wrapped and loose. Available also with touch-screen where you can set and save the various parameters depending on the product to be packaged. Just set the weight and in no time you can fill: preformed bags, jars and different containers, quickly and accurately. Also available with double scale for a faster production.

Several options to adapt the machine to the production needs of each product. With our BG Easy you can weigh many products, not only sweets and candies but also nuts, biscuits, legumes, short dry pasta and much more.

✅ We also have many other solutions for packaging in automatic your products.

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