Automatic Packing Machine BG37 IM1 2C with counter piece for small pieces, plastic and metallic particular

We present our automatic packing machine BG37 with one head and double vibrating channel with counter piece function. This machine has a particular structure to fit also in rooms with limited space.

✔️ As you can see, from the same side from which the product is loaded, the packed bags come out. The functions are managed by PLC and are editable through touch screen display.

✔️ Ideal to pack small plastic and metallic particulars, caps, screws, bolts and much more.

✔️ Once the product is loaded into the hopper it’s carried towards the balance by the vibrating channels.

The bag is produced from the reel.

Simple to use and to be programmed
Easy to clean
Fast and reliable
Produced in our warehouse in Vicenza

The packing machine in this video is equipped with a label machine.

The counter piece function calculate, according tom the weight of the piece, how many pieces are packed into the bag. This function is particularly useful for those who have to pack by numbers small pieces with regular shape and with the same weight.

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