Packaging machines for Vitamin supplements, Nutraceuticals, Herbal Teas

Do you need to pack nutraceutical products, granular or dusty, or herbs, herbal teas, supplements, vitamins and much more?
In this short video C.I.A. packing machines presents some of the semi-automatic machines that can satisfy a good part of the medium-small companies of the nutraceutical world.

✅ For those who need to pack powders and flours, the ideal is our BG Easy Combi with a combined weighing system, volume-weight, that is much more precise than the classic volumetric system: the change of granulometry, size, humidity and type of product, don’t affect it, allowing you to obtain accurate weights.
Various accessories are available, depending on the product and on the container used. Precise and fast, with manual loading or with pneumatic conveyor.

✅ On the other hand, if you need to weigh small granular products, like herbal teas and tablets, from a few grams to about 1 kg, our BG Easy Kiss Weigher will do it. Practical, simple and fast. Available also with display touch screen to set simply and quickly various parameters, with this version you have also the counter function, suitable for many products, for those who have to pack products by number. Many different products can be packed with the same machine. Available various accessories, to discharge easily the product inside the preformed bags or into other containers.

✅ To seal the bags in the best way we suggest our mini sealing. Available also with a touch screen and ink jet printer for a professional printing.
The mini sealing is suitable also for those who want to make small kits.

✅ If you want to seal vacuum bags we have our professional semi-automatic vacuum kit.

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