Automatic Packing Machine BG37 with 2 Heads inclined version to pack small and fragile pasta

✅ We present our automatic packing machine BG37 with 2 heads INCLINED version, to pack small and fragile products such as special pasta shapes, biscuits, chips, sweets, bakery products, and many other.
In this video we see the machine working, especially for the packing of short dried fragile pasta.

✅ The machine forms the bag starting from the reel, doses the product, fills and seals. With a shaking device to compact better the product into the bag. Thanks to its inclined configuration the machine is able to mitigate the fall speed of the product avoiding the breaking.

✅ Operator panel with colour touch screen, equipped with tele-assistance and remote control.

✅ Possible different customizations and optional such as printer, label machine, device to recover the crumbs, etc.

✅ Easy to use. Easy to clean.

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