Packaging Solutions for your Coffee

We present our wide range of weighing and packing machines for coffee beans and ground coffee.

BG Easy Kiss machine doses both coffee beans and ground coffee, as well as many other products.

✅ The bigger model BG Easy is ideal to do medium-large weights.
We can use different loading system: manual, with hopper and elevator belt, or with pneumatic system.
This last system is very practical and convenient. It carries the product in perfect hygiene, quickly and at the same time gently, to not ruin it.

✅ The BG Easy Combi is the solution to pack ground coffee, both fine and coarse, and many other product in powder.
Once weighed, the coffee is transferred into the bag, that can be closed with our Mini sealing machine, with data printer included.
Available also in the vertical version.

✅ With our semiautomatic vacuum kit we could seal vacuum in brick bags, in different sizes.

✅ Now let’s look some of our automatic packing machines that form the bag starting from the reel, ideal for coffee beans, ground and vacuum.
Equipped with teleassistance, they can be provided with different accessories such as printers, label machines, valves applicator.

Thanks to the longue experience in the coffee field we can suggest and customize our machines, both for small and medium-big realities.
Already thousands of customers all over the world have chosen CIA Confezionatrici.

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