Horizontal inclined mini Sealing machine

We present our horizontal inclined mini sealing machine: the insertion of the bag is easier and more comfortable thanks to the inclined belt.

It seals professionally your thermo-sealing bags.

Equipped with an electronical card to adjust the sealing speed and with a thermoregulator to manage the temperature.
Thanks to the printing set you could print indelibly on the edge of the bag the expiry date, the production date and lot number.
Possibility to print in black or white, according to the ink pad.

Our horizontal inclined mini sealing machine seals professionally your bags in different materials, also with cardboard of various type.

If you usually use a stapler to seal your bags the sealing is not completely safe and the staples are visible.
With our mini sealing machine instead, the bag is perfectly sealed, also with the cardboard.

  • The mini sealing machine is available, in addition to the horizontal inclined version, also in vertical, always with a data printer included.
  • The version with injection of gas, to insert the inert gas before sealing.
  • For bigger bags, we have the Big Sealer, with a roller conveyor adjustable in height for a comfortable moving of the bag.

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