Coffee Beans Packaging with flat degassing valve

The packaging of coffee beans play an important role in the production process by virtue of its function in the preservation and control of the aroma and the gas generated by the roasting process. For this reason in the packaging of coffee beans bags with degassing valves are generally used, allowing carbon dioxide to escape while preventing the ingress of oxygen and moisture in the package that would compromise the flavor.

The innovative aspect of our coffee beans packaging solution is to use a special patented flat degassing valves that allow the use of normal packaging machines with continuous paper rolls, eliminating the whole process of plastic valve application to the packaging because our films born with the flat valve already applied.

The packaging of coffee beans is a very important phase of the production process since the roasted coffee deteriorates rapidly when in contact with the air: the oxygen in the atmosphere active the oxidation process of the coffee making its aroma disappear quickly.

For this reason the coffee should be packaged as soon as possible after roasting, but this is made difficult because of the gas pressure inside the toasted bean that, while in the ground coffee is dissolved in a few hours, in the beans it get lost over several weeks.

This requires the application of the valve - generally a plastic one - to the package, with further processing stages to be introduced in the process, with the consequent costs in terms of time and equipment. However, the use of our packaging machines and the packaging film for coffee with flat valve, allows to reduce considerably the processing time and costs:

  • no need to modify the packaging machine for the use with traditional plastic degassing valves;
  • no need to purchase optional accessories such as the feeding system for the application of degassing valves, expensive and which slows down the manufacturing process;
  • size switch is immediate and requires no changes to the packaging machine;

Moreover, the use of the film with flat degassing valve has a lower overall production cost than the traditional film with plastic valve, thus allowing a continuous saving during the entire packaging process.

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