Semi-automatic weighing machine mod. BG EASY KISS DISPLAY

We present our new weighing semiautomatic machine Bg Easy Kiss, with display touch screen and piece counter function.
✅ Ideal for weighing quickly and accurately many products, both in the food sector as legumes, dried fruit, spices, granular products, and in the no food sector, as bolts, small metal and plastic pieces, etc.
✅ Easy to adjust and to clean.
✅ Ideal for those who want to realize small batches.
✅ Extremely versatile, it fills bags, jars, and other containers.

➡️ Thanks to the display touch screen, we set easily the different parameters, according to the product and the weight.
In addition, it’s possible to save the various recipes into a USB key.
➡️ The piece counter function allows to set the numbers of pieces required.
This function is very useful for those who want to pack a number of small metal or plastic pieces, or other pieces with the same regular size and the same weight.
➡️ The same machine can be used for many products, granular and semi-powders.

If once packed the product you need to seal the bag, our mini-sealing with printer will take care of it.

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