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C.I.A. srl manufactures semi-automatic and full automatic weighing-filling-sealing machines suitable for products using films of polypropylene, different kinds of coupled materials, OPP/PP, OPP/PE.

Bag's shape can be pillow, gusseted or four sides sealed with twist/clip or with strap. Machine's functions are performed by plc and set up controlled by means of a touch-screen. Design and manufacturing reward functionality, reliability and strength to grant maximum result at the minimum cost.

The dosing system for the vertical packing machines depends on ptoduct to be packed and will be either by weigher (for small products), or by volumetric cups (for small granular products and free flowing flours) or by screw doser (for powdery products and no flowing flours), or by piece counter or by liquid volumetric pump (for liquid or creamy products). On demand, machines can be manufactured inclined to pack fragile products such as biscuits, taralli etc and with special sealing bars.

Main accessories: photocell for print centering, thermotransferred date printer, device for gusset and flat bottom bags, gas injection, turn-table, clip machine, compressor, electronic printer to print logos, bar codes, nutritional labels, euro lock a.s.o.

Packing products: short (dry or fresh) pasta, taralli, biscuits, cakes, sweets, snacks, chips, pop corn, dry vegetables and fruits, cereals, coffee beans and powder, rice, frozen products, granular products, salad and vegetables, seeds, loam, flour, cocoa, spices, milk powder, potato starch, ice cream mix, small plastic and metallic items, soap powders, detergents, powdery products, small plastic or metallic items a.s.o.

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