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Coffee Packing Machines

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C.I.A. Srl celebrated 30 years of activity

In January 2016 C.I.A . celebrates its 30th anniversary!

Founded in 1986, C.I.A. Srl has quickly established itself in the field of packaging and automatic weighing machines working with competence and seriousness with customers to advise them and quickly resolve any request.

Over the years the "development and innovation" department has devoted ample space to the continuous improvement of its products, to make them more and more competitive and current, and to best satisfy all the requests of its customers.

On occasion of this 30th anniversary, we wish to thank all those who have allowed us to grow: all those who have chosen and will continue to choose us every day.


Very experienced and practical Vacuum Group
Vacuum Packaging Module

More and more demanded the versatile Vacuum Packaging Module:

- Can be used in semi-automatic way, inserting pre-formed bags which are sealed under vacuum;

- Can be used automatically, combined with our vertical packaging machines.

Using the principle of the Venturi pump coupled to the technology of sealers bars, our vacuum module allows for vacuum-sealing bags either with brick and pillow format, in various sizes. The PLC controller also allows to control each stage of the packaging process, to achieve a production rate of up to 10 bags per minute.

Learn all about the module for vacuum packaging.


Coffee Beans Packaging with flat degassing valve

Coffee Beans Packaging The packaging of coffee beans play an important role in the production process by virtue of its function in the preservation and control of the aroma and the gas generated by the roasting process. For this reason in the packaging of coffee beans bags with degassing valves are generally used, allowing carbon dioxide to escape while preventing the ingress of oxygen and moisture in the package that would compromise the flavor.

The innovative aspect of our coffee beans packaging solution is to use a special patented flat degassing valves that allow the use of normal packaging machines with continuous paper rolls, eliminating the whole process of plastic valve application to the packaging because our films born with the flat valve already applied.